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Comparison Table

Comparison between GO Code, Loc8 Code, and the Openpostcode:

 Code           Digits ChecksumLicense Open & ConvertibleSortable MathematicalExtensibleArea Description Stated AccuracyField-test Area 
GO Code 7 NoProprietaryNo No No 1-7 Digits No"up to an accuracy of 5 square metres approx." "21 square metres [metres squared?]"21.94m2 
Loc8 Code8 No (ineffective "checker" character)Proprietary (patent)No No No SomeNo"define locations to an accuracy of +/-6 metres"110.27m2
OpenPostcode7,+1 YesFree (LGPL)  YesYes Yes Fully Efficient syntax for  regular & irregular areas5.98m x 4.6m (avg. offset <3m)    27.54m2
 8No  1.2m x .9m
(avg. offset ~0.58m)