Details for the new Irish postcode Eircode have been announced on eircode.ie. Information isn't complete but looks like there are to be some serious flaws in the new code. Hopefully these will be addressed before spring 2015.

"In 2015, Ireland will make a little bit of history. We're taking an exciting design leap to set a new world standard with our unique postcode system." - Eircode
  1. It is an unremarkable version of the 19th Century UK Postcode.
  2. It is closed source and closed data which demands a license fee.
  3. Applications will require access and updates for a large database.
  4. It is designed to code letterboxes only, not other points of interest, or infrastructure, or 999 locations.
  5. It is designed to be a randomised code, useless for statistical data and describing local catchments.
  6. It has no error-checking mechanism and codes can't even be check as looking like their neighbours.
  7. There is no guarantee that the code has solved the problem of accidentally creating offensive words.
  8. It entirely undermines data protection, personal privacy & safety. The postcode will always have pinpoint accuracy to your exact family household. No option.
  9. A "routing-key" is a plain nonsense. No code can predetermine where you are based and what your natural business catchment is.
  10. It is promised not to be repeated across the country, but D for Dublin continues the language bias against Irish. D for Dublin and random for everywhere else continues the Capital bias against everywhere else.
  11. Quite a lot of problems stem from just trying not to upset D4, hobbling a nation's postcode to D-postcode property vanity.
  12. This is also another tax: a postcode tax which businesses will have to pay in order to stay competitive. 5,000 for basic business access (with no GPS).
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