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Open Minds

Contributions are welcome from anyone with an interest in opensource, opendata, and geolocation. Help is needed with getting the message across, design, documentation, promotion, politics, etc.


If you have an idea for use of the open postcode; then talk to openpostcode at gmail dot com for any help you need.


All programming is opensource, free to use and copy, adapt and develop, under the LGPL license. An example interactive map is at The main javascript functions are available here, and all scripts are available as part of the part source or linked files. Email openpostcodeireland at gmail dot com for help.


Webmasters are free to download, copy and change the site itself and host their own mapping and code. Adaptation to any site or purpose should be straightforward. Email openpostcodeireland at gmail dot com with any questions.
  • Link to a code with a simple link to the demo site; for example for "KFPX-WT":
  • Or for an instant easy conversion link from any location information on your site, link to the conversion page: (see the page for full parameters or adapt the code for your own conversions).
  • Try the browser toolbar button/bookmark which calculates OpenPostcodes while browsing Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and OSI maps.